Mini Waabigwaniin Tear Drop Earrings

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grey and lilac florals
beaded with size 11 czech beads
genuine leather (cow)
14k gold filled earring hooks (hypoallergenic)
approx size: 2"L x 1.25"w


The Story
Like many of my stories for this particular collection (and perhaps many more to come), are inspired by a special little "someone". A special someone who had four legs and was white and fluffy. Mya LOVED being in the garden. Flowers, vegetables, she wasn't partial to either. She even loved sitting in the "weeds" (dandelions to be exact). You could always find her under a tree, beside the lavender, or up in the raised veggie gardens. She was even hiding in the flower bed sticking her little head out the day I first picked her up 16 years ago...

These tear-drops, though a shape, are happy tears. Memories of walking through the flowers, gardens and fields. It represents a joy and a calmness you can't get anywhere else. These earrings remind me of how the littlest things that may not seem so big at the time, can have the biggest impact on our hearts.

 (Photo: Mya enjoying the sun on her face in the dandelions, in the garden and enjoying the top soil piled up under the maple tree.)

Heads Up!
- Beadwork is completely handmade and no two sets of earrings are 100% identical and
no two items are the exact same.

- No returns or refunds on any items.
- Beadwork is delicate, please take great care (no swimming or having a shower with them on, laying them flat or hanging is ideal).
- Shipping is extremely expensive and there isn't any way around that, so I have provided a lettermail flat rate solution. Should you choose to go with this option,
know that it does not include any insurance and cannot be tracked and is a "use at your own risk" option.
- I think it goes without saying, but just in case, NO dog is included with this purchase.


- Laura



Dandelion Willows